The picture is of me DJing in Sendai, Japan at "Club Shaft". The laptop is on top of the right deck and my keyboard (Ozone) is on top of the left one. With the keyboard I trigger different loops and control the volumes and effects. With the the mouse I drop new tracks into the mix and alter effects that are not assigned to the keyboard.

I DJ using the program "Ableton Live". It allows me to play multiple loops simultaneously while adjusting, and experimenting, with multiple effects. It also alows me to change directions and improvise freely. Usually I break a track down to roughly half it's original length.

Almost every loop I play I have somehow altered using either "Live", "Reason", or "Cubase". This altering could be as simple as a filter sweep, or as complex as adding new parts through MIDI and resampling. More effects are added on the fly when I'm playing live.

When I'm DJing I'm playing between 2 and 4 sets of loops simultaneously. This, combined with the use of multiple effects, and live instruments, produces an original sound that is both exciting and constantly changing.

Techno is my main love and focus but I also enjoy playing Minimal and Drum and Bass.